Monday, May 28, 2012

Palace of Versailles

Today was my presentation day and my favorite place that we were going to visit. THE PALACE OF VERSAILLES. I was so excited to come here but not excited to do my presentation. So there are so many amazing things about this place that it has to be broken up in 2 different post days. Just way too much going on here.

Walking up to the Palace of Versailles.

This is gorgeous!

The church, pictures dont do this justice.

Hall of Mirrors.

View of the garden

Marie Antoinettes bedroom.

Some of the gardens again

Where the king and queen ate in public.

Marie Antoinette, so sad, she lost a baby and they painted it out of the picture.

This is just part of it.

The Palace is huge.

Another part of the gardens. It seriously goes out as far as you can see, the canal, its part of it as well.

I loved getting lost in the gardens.

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