Todd and I meet each other when we were young. It might not have been in Utah eyes but to us we were young. I was 19 years old and he was 20.  Us dating was predicted by one of our mutual guy friends. After talking to him in the summer he mentioned that he had been hanging out with a new guy and he knew we were going to date. Not thinking much of the comment we met and I honestly fell for him the first moment we met. Well, the first moment we met that year. I had met Todd a year earlier for about 2 minutes and didn't think much of him, but he was with someone else then. There are times that I often think Todd and I were meant to end up with each other. Todd is from California but had moved up to Utah for 2 years in middle school and what do you know, we went to the same school for a year together but were in different grades, then we met the first year of college but didn't think anything of it. But I guess the 3rd time was a charm and we started things from there. We went through a lot of growing up together, I moved to Texas for 2 years and attended Dental Hygiene school though, our summers were often apart with me in Montana and him in California, we broke up and tried different options but never could quite find someone that compared to each other. After 7 1/2 years, yes 7 1/2 years, Todd and I finally tied the knot and decided to start our lives officially with each other. Here are some major stepping stones in the journey so far.




Wedding from guests

Our first home

1 year anniversary

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