Sunday, March 4, 2012

He purposed, finally!

So its official. Todd purposed to me last night. Chloe got to be apart of the process as well. I have been wanting to get Chloe, our kitten, a collar for quite sometime now but Todd doesn't think she will like wearing one.  I came to the house one night and Chloe and Todd were playing in the front room.  I noticed this cute pink collar around Chloe's neck. Chloe ran to greet me and I instantly picked her up to get a closer look. I went to the couch and was turning the collar over to see the name tag and I noticed a gorgeous ring hanging from the collar.  I looked at Todd shocked and he was down on one knee saying, Will you marry me." On chloe's collar it said, Michelle will you marry us.  It was perfect and of course I said YES!!

These are horrible pictures to show you how cute chloe looked. She just hates her picture taken and fights it no matter what. Haha