Saturday, September 29, 2012

Wedding Set Up

I finally got the professional pictures last night. Here is what the actual event looked like. Later on I will post pictures during the event.

Something that was really important to me was the small details. My mom has tons of plates and they are all gorgeous. I wanted the feel of a country wedding since we were up in Montana and I used all my moms plates so that every setting was different then the ones beside them.

Maid of Honor bouquet

Bridal bouquet

Arch where we got married and Todd and I's head table was set in front of this as well

This held the sign-in book, the favors which were my mom's homemade caramels, and gifts for the kids to entertain them through out the wedding.

Thank you gifts

Table setting with the lake as the background

The ring pillow and rings

Another table setting

Prime Rib, Jerk chicken, garlic mashed potatoes, and mixed seasonal vegetables

These were placed down the isle and placed for decoration afterwards

Our rings

Once it started getting dark the candles had an amazing effect

We had fireworks at the end of the reception

My dad and his friend went all out for this

Thursday, September 20, 2012

House Searching

Todd and I have started a new adventure together and that is house searching. We have been looking for a month now and are starting to get discouraged. We have put down two offers already and both fell threw.  I hate to admit it but I have turned into that dumb new home buyer that you see on house hunters or property virgins (HGTV). We got a reality slap in the face for sure. I can't wait for us to find our new home but until then I have been stocking pinterest and obsessing about how I can fix up our home to be. My obsession at this time is kitchens and here are a few that I have fallen for.

I am loving aqua at this time and some of the houses we have looked at have small kitchens in the basement as well. I can already picture me fixing up the kitchen into looking something similar to this mini cutie.

This is my idea of my kitchen, omg this is gorgeous. I love the farmhouse sink.

This backsplash is amazing I am in love with it. I am also loving this aqua turquoise color. LOVE!!!

This idea is amazing and I am loving it. Having something hidden. My mother in law actually just finished their basement kitchen and hid the husbands door to his man cave garage behind cupboards as well. I am just loving this idea.

Last year, June 2011 I went to the utah county parade of homes and I fell in love with this home. Luckily did a week blog of this home and I was able to find the things I loved about this house. First off, the subway tiles I am loving. I am torn between this backsplash and the pervious one. Second off, the countertops are recycled glass bottles in the counter. I am a huge recycler and about saving the earth and I am in love with these counters as well. In my future dream kitchen I will have this.

Here is a closer look at the countertops, OMG lovely huh.

This is just lovely.

Ok, the backsplash, since I have already loved it, the cupboards are gorgeous, the ceiling. I am loving ceilings with detail AND finally the cutting board countertop. I want to do an island like this as well as having the recycled countertops everywhere else. YES PLEASE!!!

Again, lovely and I need this.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Wedding Day

We still haven't gotten our wedding photos back from the photographer yet but we have a few from random camera. Here are a few to show what the day was like