Thursday, September 19, 2013

Tela, Honduras

I was so excited to get the beach I honestly was counting down the minutes. There is just something about being at the beach that brings me peace.  I can relax, read a book, and soak in the warmth of the sun. I was also excited to get out of the city and start seeing more of Honduras.

This was our home for 4 days, our little cabana.

 My feet couldn't wait to get into the ocean.
 The next morning, when the sun was shining. The beach was so beautiful and relaxing.

 The beach

The resort behind the palm trees.

In my happy place.

Pina Colada's, too bad they were so pricey, around $6 american without alcohol, REALLY!

Beautiful flower at the pool.

You would see a lot of people's transportation being horses.

At the cabana's pool.

These birds were just soaring around, they were barely moving and just gliding around, it was so beautiful I wish I would have filmed it rather then a picture.

I found this to beautiful.

These were super tasty but kind of freaky.

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