Monday, September 16, 2013

Cooking failures of a wife

I have always been one to bake up treats rather then cook a meal. I was like that as a kid and have always been that way. But there are certain rules to my baking, such as, never assume that I know a step or order of things, it has to be all laid out in front of me for me to understand.  I have always been the type that had to learn from doing and I am taking this as a learning experience. I might have cooked rice krispie treats as a kid, I might have just had them made for me, I don't really remember making them. I remember watching a few times but obviously I didn't pay much attention. I was going to make this awesome dessert tonight for me and the hubby that a friend of mine use to make growing up, I loved it. Rice krispie treats with carmel frosting on top. So the instructions named off the ingredients and said melt for 3 minutes. Lets just say that obviously you needed to melt the butter and marshmallows together and add the rice krispies after. HOW was I suppose to know that, the recipe didn't say that. So yup another wasted attempt at food. I don't even want to know how much money we have lost in my attempts at cooking. Most couples save money by cooking at home, we lose it. Not only do we pay for the food for me to screw up but then we have to pay for a meal afterwards because we are still hungry.  For all you wives out there that think you can't cook, I should give you hope. At least you didn't burn rice krispie treats. I think I need to be on that cooking show, worst cooks in America.

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