Friday, May 25, 2012

London to Paris

So Monday we all woke up super early, like 4:30 am to make our journey to Paris. I of course only got maybe 1-2 hours of sleep, whats wrong with me?? So we all need to be at the train station at 6 am to meet our teachers. I wish we would have had a picture of all us trekking it down the street with luggage after luggage, it was bad.  It took about 20 minutes to make the journey. So we took the train ride to Paris, the train that goes under the ocean. You honestly can't tell so its not that great, but cool to think of. We made it to Paris and Sami, Alexis and I are roomies again, YEAH! Best roomies ever. We totally lucked out with our little three-some. We have an amazing view from our hotel and its amazing. Besides our Paris journey of pouring ran and all of us trying to find the hotel and getting drenched, again wish I had a picture of that. So all is good, we are in Paris.

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