Monday, May 7, 2012

The dreaded flight issues

No pictures with this post. I just thought I would update about my journey. Yesterday I began my travels from SLC to London which didn't start off to a good start. I sat on my plane for 30 minutes not knowing what was going on and then the pilot informed us we had a fuel leak and they were trying to fix it and it shouldn't be much longer. Then they got on and said it would be another hour so everyone had to get off and try to get on other flights if needed.

Well my connection flight only had a layover of an hour so I already knew I had missed my 8:45. So they put me on the next flight 2 hours later. Well we didn't leave the airport until over 2 hours later then the original flight. So there was me running through the Atlanta airport with my huge carry on, blanket, and camera bag. Luckily I made it. What was even more annoying or scary was when I was trying to check into my flight from Atlanta to London they informed me that it showed that I never even left SLC. SCARY!! The lady didn't want to let me on the plane for a while, even with me showing i.d. and obviously I had gotten on a flight or I wouldn't be there now talking to here. They finally let me on the plane, forcing me to check my luggage. Luckily the underground in London wasn't giving me trouble. But the walk up to my flat was with all my luggage. Lets just say I am happy to be settled in and not looking forward to carrying my luggage to when we head off to Paris. I am already thinking of things I can get rid of haha.

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