Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Moulin Rouge and seeing the Eiffel tower FINALLY!

Today was an adventure all in its self.  Lets just say one of the best nights so far of the trip. I honestly couldn't stop laughing the whole time and I got to see the Eiffel Tower tonight for the first full view of it. I highly recommend waiting to see it at night for the first time. It is honestly magical.

I love that music is everywhere. Best mood booster ever!

The gardens at the Rodin museum.

We took a trip with the boys to the Moulin Rouge, its in the sketchy part of town. To be honest I was pretty let down, its like the old dirty part of Vegas. Its a tourist area for sure.

We stood on the fan, lets just say it blows a lot harder then you would think. When I first got on there I know some people got a shot of the booty.

Love these girls, Sami, me, and Megan.

My first vision of the Eiffel Tower and so worth it waiting for night.

We were running threw the metro station trying to make it in time, it shuts off at 1 am. I was so tired and shaking I had to rest it on the stairs to get enough light in the shot.

It sparkles and its glorious when it does.

We missed the metro station so we were going to walk home. Made a pit stop for some crepes and stumbled upon this beauty. Lets just say the best ride home ever!!

Sami, Megan and I infront of the beauty.

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