Friday, May 11, 2012

British Museum, British Library, & Double Decker Bus

On our second day of our UVU study abroad we headed to the British Museum & the British Library.
The British Art Museum was huge and had SO MANY amazing pieces, there is no way that I would be able to go through the whole thing in one day. These buildings are gorgeous as well.

Looking at this blows my mind. The detail and depth of this is incredible.

I loved seeing pieces that I had learned about. It made it so much easier to appreciate it.

MICHELANGELO ---amazing.

In the British Library I saw a bench that I had seen all over pinterest and didn't even realize that this is where it had come from.
While we were here we saw the Leonardo Da Vinci exhibit. We got to see his real writings in his journals. I don't know how we ever discovered that he was writing in code because it looked so confusing. They als had Mozart music & writings. Amazing to see all this history right in front of you. Some other interesting things in this exhibit were old bibles, they were huge, about the size of my body and very thick.

Later that night a few of us wanted to go out and explore. When in London you must go on a double decker bus right, well thats what we though. You can't tell in the photos that we are on the double decker but it was really fun.

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