Sunday, May 13, 2012

Tower of London

My day 3 here in London was amazing
I got to see the crown jewels which were amazing. Unfortunately we weren't able to take photos of them. 

This was also once a zoo so they had animals all around.

I can't believe they use to wear this. It is so hard to see out of those helmets.

Cute little kid one!

This was really cool to see.

Poor guy had everyone taking photos of him. That would be so embarrassing.

This guy was such a sweetheart. Was giving me a hard time because I meant to ask to have my picture taken with him but instead I asked him to take a picture and he told me he couldn't take anyones photos for people. Once I explained I wanted one with him he asked me if I even spoke english. The joke here is that they speak true english and Americans don't speak real english. So I told him I didn't. He just laughed and asked me if I was from America. When I answered Canada he gave me a big huge and said you get a hug then. Made my day!

These were carved by prisoners. They were mind blowing. They were carved so deep into the wall and the detail into the work.

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