Monday, May 21, 2012

Christian Louboutin exhibit

Today we attempted going to St. Paul's Cathedral but it was closed for a private mass. We decided to head over another museum which ended up being amazing. It had a Christian Louboutin exhibit. There were so many amazing shoes that I just wanted to steal. Unfortunately we weren't able to take photos in this exhibit. But in the future you might see some of them on feet. I was in love. I think going to the museums I have realized the areas that really excite me, FASHION!!! I can handle to be in the museum all day as long as fashion is involved.
Here are some of the photos of the day!

The entrance to St Paul's Cathedral. Amazing

I loved this, I am such a sucker for the performing arts and music all around. I am going to be broke.

Shakespeare's playhouse.

The London Bridge, not the real one though, its out in the countryside.

Loved this, it was just down the alley that we were talking.

Loved the Christian Louboutin exhibit.

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