Tuesday, May 22, 2012

St Paul's Cathedral

Friday was a busy day for the group. Since we didn't get to go to St. Paul's Cathedral yesterday we went today. It was amazing and I am so sad that you couldn't take pictures inside. But at least we got pictures from the top of the tower. I think there was around 258 stairs that we had to walk up, it may not sound like a lot but walk them and then tell me how you feel. At least I know my legs and butt are getting in shape.  After St. Paul's Cathedral we went to Staachi and I found a few amazing pieces. I am not normally into modern art and some strange photography but I was amazed at a few of the pieces here. After that we went to see Duffy work. I got to see original Twiggy photography and I wanted to buy one so bad. Lets just say I didn't feel the need to spend 2,500+ lbs, which is more then even american money. Later that night a group of us went to the eye of London and Big Ben to take some night shots before we had to prepare to head off to Paris. Here is some shots from the day!

 Loved this view from the top of St. Paul's Cathedral.

Tia and Kayla at the top of St. Paul's Cathedral.

It was super windy as you can tell.
 At the top of St. Paul's Cathedral.

I loved that it was kind of a moment of photography.

I loved this photograph at the Staachi museum.

I loved this one as well. Chloe has made me a cat fan and I can't get enough of them now.

This was by far my favorite from the whole museum though. I should have gotten a postcard. oh well.

This was the big piece in the museum. It was oil in a room, it was crazy how the area was viewed differently by everyone, your vision was different in every angle. Its hard to explain, it was very trippy.

Our night shooting at Big Ben and the eye of London. I can't get enough of this tower.

I loved that the bus drove into the picture as well.

I wish I would have ridden the eye, but it was expensive.

This was part of the photo group. Wish I would have brought a tripod, way to much to lug around though, my luggage was already bad enough.

Me infront of the eye.

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