Tuesday, July 31, 2012


ROME! Its here, we are finally in Rome and I don't know how I feel. Originally Elyse and I were going to split from the group after Florence and make our way to Venice and then Rome since we both flew out a day apart but after traveling around for 5 weeks we decided that lets just go to Rome with the group and end the trip there. Since this was decided late we had to get a different hostel which we ended up going for this cute new bed and breakfast right next to the Colosseum. Once we got to the train station I was warn out so Elyse and I took a taxi. I think I am glad we did. It was a little confusing with the streets at first and being warn out and tired from traveling I didn't want to deal with finding our place, especially when we had such a full day planned. We booked a tour with the Colosseum, forum, Pantheon, Trevi fountain, and after the tour we headed to the spanish steps and got dinner. There will be lots of pictures with this one since the day was jam packed.

Our cute room

Kayla and I at the colosseum

My first view of the colosseum


I can just picture how it use to be at 80 AD

Trevi Fountain


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