Thursday, July 12, 2012

3rd day in Cinque Terre

Today I just wanted to be lazy and not do a thing. I was hoping the weather was going to be a lot nicer then it was. It was sunny outside for half the day but windy. You could see the storm working its way towards us throughout the day. Clark went off on one of his adventures, Rick did errands for the group buying our train passes and looking out for us all like normal, Kayla went off to shop around the town and the twins went and bought a bunch of yummy food. Luckily a few people had in mind what I did. Elyse and I headed out and decided it was finally time to email people and make contact to the outside world. I am not going to lie, it has been nice escaping everyone for awhile and just loose yourself in these small towns. As we came home we decided to get some cheese, tons of fruit, and crackers. With our mixture of food and the twins combination of food we came up with some amazing snacks.

The ocean was getting rough today from the storm moving in.

This is the girls room and it honestly reminds me of Mama Mia. I am in love with it.

The color palette here is breathtaking.

Elyse reading a book. Clark was nice enough to loan Elyse and I each a book. Usually one of the first things I pack when going on vacation or anywhere is books but since this was a school trip I figured I would be too busy to have a chance to read. I didn't even think about the time after when we were traveling around Italy. Good thing I am traveling with people that have many similarities to myself.

Very random but amazing snack. I couldn't stop myself from eating everything and trying every variety of mixtures.

The twins enjoying the food with the view

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