Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Cinque Terre day #2

Today we went on the adventure of going to all 5 cities in Cinque Terre. We were hiking it besides the city that was closed, we took the train. Well after hiking most of it and being starving, we decided to take the train to the last city after we got dinner so that we could rush and see the last city. We did have a little goal of ours. (getting gelato from every city and deciding who had the best). Well at the end of the night, it was decided that our town actually had the best gelato. When we were there and told the owner another customer from the Cinque Terre said he agreed. Gelato 1 and Gelato 2 in Riomaggiore.

Via dell' Amore "Pathway of Love"
There are padlocks all over this walkway. I got the chance of writing something up in the tunnel of love for Todd and I.

Goodbye Riomaggiore.

Two cops were watching me write this. Clark saw the whole thing. Turns out one cop got the other and they were pointing and laughing at me. I guess they were trying to get my attention for a while and I didn't notice. Finally he got my attention and told me, "Miss you can't write on the walls" my response, "Too late now" handed Elyse the pen and took a photo. They were really cool about it. haha

Hello Manarola

This was in someones front yard, gorgeous.

Love the tightness of these places. 

Elyse sitting infront of the church.

Can I live here, gorgeous.

This cat couldn't get enough of attention.

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