Wednesday, July 11, 2012

4th city to 5th

After getting food in Vernazza we realized that the day had flown by and we didn't have much time left, along with some storm clouds heading in it looked like. We figured that we shouldn't waste much time and head off to the last city by train. Good call as well since after the last hike I thought I might die. What a change in temperature from when we were hiking the last cities though, I thought I was going to melt and now I was freezing a long with the other girls. Luckily we made it to the town and got distracted by skipping rocks in the ocean for a long time. The twins were adventurous enough to jump into the ocean. I didn't want to be shown up since I was the brave one yesterday but it was too cold and my gelato craving won me over. We had still set the goal of getting gelato in every city that day and you never know if they will close early or not.

In the meantime Clark created his own little changing area made out of umbrellas, wall, and a random hut, too bad after he changed no one wanted to get in anymore. Gelato won everyone over. So Elyse, Rick, and I headed off to find a place. The first place was closed so we got pretty nervous but luckily found one open. After a long time of talking about everything under the sun and people slowly leaving us. Kayla headed back early, then the twins. We decided to stop wondering the hills and head into the city. We came across a cool church with music going on inside which was interesting because the music wasn't soothing, more along the lines of vampire goth. Honestly it made me feel like a scary sacrifice was going to happen, but at the same time it made it kind of excited. We decided we better head back to our city, especially because technically  we hadn't gotten ice cream from there yet today. HAHA good excuse right. Yes judge us, we had 5 gelatos in 1 day and some of us went for seconds at a few of the towns. NO NAMES MENTIONED.

I was very lazy in this city and honestly didn't take many pictures if any at all. I had gelato and ocean on my mind. Plus it was getting dark and I didn't have a tripod so why bother right.

Elyse and I skipping rocks in the ocean.

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