Friday, July 13, 2012

last night in Cinque Terre

Like I mentioned earlier that we all went our separate ways today we all agreed to meet back at the girls room at 7 and we would have our little family dinner like we often did. Like usual Clark was late, haha but luckily we are all getting use to it. With the storm moving in all day he got caught in it on the way home and was soaking. So we all headed out in the storm and tried to find some food. We originally thought we would enjoy the terrace and get take away but since it was raining that wasn't an option. We then decided to go to the restaurant up on the cliffs and have an amazing view, well I guess they have all outside seating so they were closed. We walked around pretty much in circles for awhile until we decided to head into a take away place and all eat on the beds and then watch a movie, (Arthur). So we all ventured back to our place, ate our food, the yummy tiramisu that Rick bought. We wanted 3 but luckily we got the last one because it was the best tiramisu that we had the entire time in Italy.

After that we realized that we needed to get gelato from our favorite place. Yes it was the best gelato in the entire cinque terre and we luckily had it in our town. We would know too cuz we tried it in every town. There was even a local that agreed with us in line. So its called gelato 1 and gelato 2. Its owned by the same guy in the same last town. Best ever. We did our little GELATO break and enjoyed licking off everyones cones and trying each flavor. Yes thats right we shared our gelato with each other. I did mention earlier that we were a family. The E-unit to be exact. We had all gone off to the ocean after our gelato and everyone was kind of playing with the stormy water. Elyse and I headed back up to watch from a far where it was warmer but of course people had other plans in mind.

Clark rushed up and gathered us all together down by the ocean. He had stumbled upon all this random rope on the side of the trail when he was coming home and decided it was perfect for everyone to have bracelets. We decided it had to all be made using the earth so Clark cut the rope using the brick wall and we each got bracelets that connect us for life. I am the cry baby of the group and of course broke down. You have to think we all have been together for 6 weeks straight doing almost everything together and no one wants it to come to an end. We all hugged and I cried and then we headed back to the house and finally watched our movie and all fell asleep.

Our little gelato family break!

The e-unit bracelets. It was a total team effort here to get these bracelets on.

The E-Unit. I will honestly never forget this group and love them all to death.

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