Thursday, July 26, 2012

Florence Day #2

We had 2 rooms in the hostel in Florence and for some reason our room had this gorgeous painting and the other room had nothing. We also met a friend and her room had nothing as well. We often would try to figure out the story behind this painting and who candy is. That is what we named her, candy. We were going to tape a leaf over a few parts of this artwork but decided that it might not be much appreciated after we left. Being an art student we are use to nudity but for some reason this just seemed disturbing. You can decide for yourself.

I am having a weird obsession with cats since I have been gone. I believe its because I miss Chloe so much. I am not a cat person but I guess I have become one. We had left the kitchen door open to the patio and this friendly cat wondered in. Clark shared with us that he hasn't had the best track record with animals but this cat was drawn to him. I have never seen a cat cuddle into someone like it did Clark. Clark tried to share the love but the cat wasn't having it. I think it was all for Clark and didn't want attention from anyone else, not even me. Oh well there are plenty of cats to be pet while in Italy.

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