Sunday, July 8, 2012

3rd city to 4th city

This is the hike to the 4th city. I thought I was going to die during this hike. This was from Corniglia to Vernazza. After a month of walking everywhere in Europe and hiking up thousands of stairs in a day (Eiffel Tower and Cathedrals), you would think we could handle this and we thought we could as well. I think a lot of it had to do with the timing. We were starving when we were in Corniglia but we had heard that the best restaurants were in Vernazza so we thought we would venture off and wait to eat there. I think that was our first mistake, but of course we thought with the gelato in our tummies we would be ok. If this hike wouldn't have been straight up I think I wouldn't have dreaded it so much. We passed through a small village in the middle that had maybe 3 houses. I got so excited when I saw the homes ahead thinking we had finally made it, nope, it was the half way point. Glad I had good company and we got some good conversations going to distract us from our growling tummies. The hike says its 2.5 miles, but remember most of it is going up hill, I think thats what the worst part was.


San Bernardino, Clark made the adventure up here the following day and hung out with the locals while they played cards behind a bar. The rest of us needed a day of laziness and our own adventure, I'm glad I didn't follow him because he got poured on while heading home. Clark always seems to have a blast no matter what the outcome is with his adventures though. 

Gorgeous, I love this place.

Once we saw this I almost ran down the trail. We finally made it and it was beautiful.

As happy as I can be after I got food in my tummy.

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