Monday, July 30, 2012

Florence day #3

Today we decided to do our own things. Some people wanted to go to museums, some people like me that was desperate for a shopping day and kinda sick of museums (sad to say but it happened) we went our different ways. Elyse and I decided to do a few site seeing and do some shopping at the same time and since we met a friend that wanted to tag along the 3 of us went on our way. I had found this store that reminded me of Anthropologie and was dying to stop in. I loved the store but actually walked away with fewer items then I thought I would. I think a also felt like I needed to buy stuff, I don't know why. I guess its one of those end of the trip sudden omg I need to buy stuff and spend money moments. We found the boar which has a story behind it, shopped the markets, made a stop in Tiffanys and wondered around. Here are the photos of the day!

I've gone every single day having a gelato since I have been in Italy. Don't judge me til you try the real thing!!

We tried to make it to the outlook for the sunrise, we didn't make it, but it was still beautiful.

The group at the outlook.

The city at night, gorgeous

Candlelit dinner in a Jazz cafe. Can you beat that, I don't know.

Love my E-unit.

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