Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ushuaia National Park

Day #6 of Ushuaia

We took an individual tour of the National Park. We went to the most southern post office in the world and sent ourselves postcards.  After that we went on a hike  took a tour of the museum.  My brother is huge into fishing and was fishing in a lake while we ate lunch outside of the museum and then we headed back to the hotel.

This is the most southern golf course in the world. There were people golfing when we were there but it looked like a miserable day to me.

This is the most southern post office in the world. It is so little and cute. The guy was awesome that owned the place.

Here is our group shot with the owner.

Derek of course took off to go fishing for a while.

The museum was really interesting. It was intriguing to see how the people survived down here back then.  Now you will notice in the pictures that the people were naked.  Now I am here in their summer and I am freezing even with my layers upon layers so I can't imagine how these people stayed naked al the time.
Well for starters this city was called "the city of fire" and now I know why. When it was discovered there were fires all around to keep the people warm. Once Europeans discovered this place and introduced clothing and other products to the people, people started getting ill and dying.  The people's clothing held diseases and got many people ill. The men would head out in the boats and since they had clothing on they would stay out longer thinking that they would be warm enough, but instead would get hyperthermia and lose limbs.
You can't see it from this picture but they would build fires in the center of their boats and have their children tend to them when they did head out in the water. That was how they stayed warm before.
They would put mud, dirt and rocks on the bottom of the canoe and build a fire on top of the debris. They were very intelligent people.

There is a road that goes from this National Park all the way up to Alaska. As you can see the km it takes to get to Buenos Aires and also to Alaska.  People have jogged this road to earn money for red cross, biked it, and driven the road. Someone drove it in 5 days I believe for a world record. Someone else drove it making stops and enjoying their travel along the way. It took them about 2 years to do this. It was very interesting to hear about.

I wish I could claim these bikes were ours and we went on some adventure but they are bikes of these Brazilians that biked here from Brazil. It was very interesting to talk to these people.

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