Saturday, February 18, 2012

Boat tour to el Tigre

Day #2 of Buenos Aires, Argentina. 
Today we decided to do a boat tour heading to el Tigre, we got a private caption since there were 6 of us and headed out on the river. 
We decided to stop for lunch on the side of the river called gato blanco.

Gato Blanco was a popular stop on the el tigre boat tour.  My thoughts about the place were that I wasn't too impressed and the price was the same as the steak dinner that we had the night before that was magnificent. The only person that was satisfied with their meal was my brother and he got steak. Go figure when Argentina is known for their beef.

This was the presidents vacation home along time ago. It is now protected by this glass box and was the cutest little house.

Getting back into Buenos Aires there was a carnival. 

This is our guide. He was very good and I highly recommend him for people visiting Buenos Aires.

This building was beautiful. The architecture was stunning.

At the end of the evening my brother and I decided to head to the horse track that was across the street from my Aunt & Uncles apartment. The building was gorgeous and it was beautiful to see the landscape, the track, the gorgeous tree line and then the buildings in the background.
The races were packed as well, you can tell they are a big deal here.

Love this shot, with the city in the background.

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