Monday, February 20, 2012

Where'd you go, Bernadette. Here we come Ushuaia

Day #4 of Argentina
Today was an exciting day for me, we were getting on a plane and flying to Ushuaia, Argentina. Now I knew nothing of this place before coming here, this trip was mainly planned by my father and brother. I was told that it is the southern most city in the world and I thought that would be interesting to have my travel list so I was excited.  Ushuaia is called, The end of the World. Something that is also interesting about this town is this is where people go to travel to Antarctica. If you have ever read "Where'd you go, Bernadette" they mention this city and how she never got off the boat here.

Flying over the Andes mountains. Pictures don't do this justice. Its breathtaking in person.

This is the city of Ushuaia. Our hotel is outside of the city in the mountains with about a 7 minute drive to the center of the city.

Down by the harbor of Ushuaia. Now I have to mention how horribly I packed for this trip. Now its winter in Utah right now but it is their summer. I was ready for summer weather. Now I knew we were going to the southern most city in the world but I also though, oh their summer, I will pack a light jacket. My brother laughed at me when he saw what I was packing and tried to warn me but I though, I'm not going fishing like you, I will be fine. I was freezing to death, so so cold, but I didn't want to fully show it knowing my brother would say, "told you so." I've very stubborn as you can tell.

A better look at the harbor area.

Down main street of Ushuaia. 

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