Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I'm on a boat, again!

Day #5
While in Ushuaia we really wanted to go on a boat tour to see the penguins and seals. We must really have a thing for boat tours.

There were two options with this boat tour, 1). Once we get to the little town that we are headed to you can stay on the boat and head back to Ushuaia, or 2). you get off the boat and do a little tour of this town & take a bus back to Ushuaia.  
We opted for getting off the boat and seeing the little town. I HIGHLY recommend STAYING ON THE BOAT. The town was cute but you have 1 restaurant, a little museum, a house that has old furniture & things.  It isn't worth your time or your money to eat at this restaurant.  The tour wasn't that interesting, the restaurant has around 2 items on the menu to order & the museum is one room with bones of whales & other sea life.

I loved the boat tour and was impressed with all the animals that we say, I just wasn't impressed with the little town tour afterwards so STAY ON THE BOAT.

This is the hotel that we are staying in. It is very nice and the staff is very polite.

This is the tour we are going on, Rumbo Sur. It was very good and comfortable on the boat.

My parents and I standing in front of the Rumbo Sur sign.

My aunt and uncle, parents and I on the tour. We took the upper deck which is worth it.

Goodbye Ushuaia. It was super windy as you can tell. Oh my poor feet, I should have prepared better.


Our first stop was the seal stop. There were tons of seals and they had these birds that looked like penguins.  I couldn't wait to see the penguins so I freaked out when I first saw them. It took me awhile to realize that they weren't penguins since we were a distance from these animals.

This brave guy broke off from the rest of the group and gave us a show. He moved to the lower rocks and dove right into the freezing ocean.

The lighthouse. It was very beautiful out there in the middle of no where.

I guess we were more exhausted then we thought. My dad and I both took a snooze while headed to the penguin area.

While heading to the penguins we got circled by whales. They said its very rare to see them on the trip. We got to see about 6 whales or more total on the adventure.

The penguins, finally.  There were so many, you honestly couldn't photograph them all in one photo.

There were 3 different types of penguins on this area which is rare.  There were ones that are the next size below the king penguin. This is a photo of one of the orange beaked penguins.  

This little guy was hilarious.  He was playing with the waves chasing them, but when they would head back up the beach he would run. It was so cute.

This is on the tour of the town at the end of the boat trip. Not worth it, STAY ON THE BOAT. They gave us a tour about how the people settled here. This is a washer dryer. Glad thats not how it is done now a days.

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