Friday, February 17, 2012

Buenos Aires Vacation

Arriving in Buenos Aires, Argentina really surprised me how huge the city really is. You really have no idea until you see it for yourself.  Another thing that really surprised me was how amazing the food is.  They are known for their beef and I love an amazing steak.
Day #1:

Look how beautiful it is with the trees among the city.

Our accommodations overlooking the city.

The view from our balcony at night, unreal.

The first night we walked down to a restaurant that my Aunt & Uncle loved. We ordered a steak that is made for 4 people and it fed all 6 of us with some to spare.
What was also amazing about this steak is that everyone is able to get the steak how they like it. They bring it out on a platter with coals underneath, which allows each of us to cook the steak to our liking.
The desserts were as flavorful as the steak was.  If you are ever in Buenos Aires you should look up this little joint called Rio Alba.
A few things about dinning in Argentina. Be prepared to eat around 8 pm or later because most restaurants don't open for dinner until this time. Another, they want you to enjoy the process so there is no rushing. Dinner will take a few hours and once a restaurant is full, be prepared to go elsewhere because tables wont open anytime soon.

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