Saturday, June 9, 2012

Last night in Paris

Today is my last day in Paris. I have mixed feelings. First off I love this city at night but have heard amazing things about Barcelona so I am ready to find out if they are true, second, we will be done with the school part so thats always nice, third, I love beaches and Barcelona will be the relaxation part of the trip. On our last night of Paris we (Alexis, Sami, and I) attempted to get to the padlock bridge and do a lock. It was an adventure in its self. We got to the bridge and it was too late at night that no one was selling locks, but we got to see the eiffel tower from afar and sparkle, thats always a treat. We stumbled upon some music in the metro station, which is always great, but people were dancing to it. I can't get enough of the music here. Then we wondered the city to find food and that took hours, we are very picky eaters because we don't want french food and we wanted foreign. When we finally decided on Italian the restaurant was closed so we wondered for another 30 minutes and stumbled upon this amazing Italian restaurant that happened to be right next the metro station (the right line direct to our place), which we barely got in before it closed. So I guess it ended up being a good night.

The padlock bridge.

The dancing in the metro station.

Notre Dame at night.

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