Sunday, June 3, 2012

Night out on the town

Monday after we went back to the Louvre and did the Da Vinci exhibit, which was amazing the girls headed to the shopping strip. Which I am not going to lie I was disappointed. In the process of heading back to the metro we ran into an Aussie that was lost and needed help. Come to discover he was just arriving in Paris and knew no one. We knew a bunch of the group would be going out and invited him to tag along. Its always fun to meet new people along the way of your journey. The night was pretty entertaining ending with us stealing a blanket from his hotel room (sorry Zak) and us girls going to see the sunrise at the eiffel tower. Freezing but worth it and we even got to take the metro home so it saved us on a cab fee, haha!

The girls out for the night!

Worst picture ever, but has to do!

Freezing waiting for the sunrise. Its coming guys I promise.

Attempting to stay warm.

Love these girls, hilarious.

Yeah the sun is finally up!

I'm freezing still though, burr!

My roomie and I.

We were wanting food, but places didn't open for another 45 minutes. Might as well head back to the hotel and get our free breakfast.

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