Thursday, July 3, 2014

Seattle Food

Like I mentioned in the pervious post, we shopped and ate a lot.  I thought I needed to dedicate a separate post to the food alone. Don't judge me, I love to snack and eat good food.  Our continuous spot was Lola's though and what kept bringing us back was their donuts. Yes these lovely small donuts below. Sorry the photo was taken after I ate most of the plate.

Our first night we got in pretty late after checking in and everything. I was starving and I think my sister could sense the hungry Michelle coming out.  She dragged me down to the hotel bar called Oliver's Lounge to see if they were serving any late night snacks.  All that was on the menu was a cheese plater but I was quite pleased. The fruit, cheese, and crackers/breads were quite tasteful and ripe along with tons of different options. It was exactly what I didn't know I wanted. The atmosphere was quite charming at Oliver's Lounge and we stopped in here several times throughout the trip. During afternoon hours they have a light appetizer complimentary for the guests as well.

The first morning we ate at Andaluca Restaurant which was attached to our hotel. My mother and I shared the Italian Eggs Benedict making hers a veggie. It was huge and it's a good thing we did share. It was really good, the ham was large slices, almost too much for my liking though. My sister got the Almond stuffed Brioche French toast. She liked it so much she got it 2 days later when we ate breakfast here again. My mother and I decided to split the pancakes and again good choice in doing since the portions are so large. It was perfect to get 2 meals for 3 girls and we just took bites of everyones.
We had dessert here one night as well, we got the liquid chocolate cake, coconut pot de creme, and meyer lemon cake. I think the liquid chocolate cake was the best by far.

For dinner we asked the front desk for some recommendations.  They mentioned a place down the street called Assaggio Ristorante which was Italian.  My mom and sister liked their meals but didn't love it, where I LOVED my meal and they all tried mine and said mine was the best by far.  I went out of my comfort zone with this one since I'm not a huge fan of mushrooms but I am a huge fan of the flavor and cream sauces. I ordered the Boscaiola and have seriously been craving it since I've been home, which honestly has been several months now. They sell a recipe book online and I have been debating ordering it just in hopes that this dish might be inside. While walking home we discovered a place that served breakfast right next door to this restaurant called Lola which we decided we would try in the morning.

So we walked to Lola's for breakfast and that was when we discovered the donuts.  I am a huge eggs benedict fan so I ordered it for breakfast here as well.  I am not going to lie, I wasn't a huge fan.  But the donuts kept us coming back for more. I think maybe a total of 3-4 times hehe. The donuts are hand shaken in a bag at the table to get the sugar spread and they are still hot. The donuts come with a seasonal jam along with vanilla mascarpone.

For dinner the 2nd night we walked down to pike market area and decided upon Cafe Campagne- We were lucky enough to get squeezed in before some other parties reservation-we promised we would be quick. Quick to them was before 2 hours and we knew we would be out by then. I got the salade de asperge- which is asparagus with lemon-shallot vinaigrette topped with grilled bacon.  The portion sizes are seriously huge here I don't understand how anyone could eat this salad and get an entree afterwards. You must split the salad portion with your dinner date because I think all 3 of us could have eaten just my salad and gotten a light soup afterwards.  I did still get the creme brulee even though I had tons of salad left over. I can never pass up creme brulee and I was sadly disappointment.  I still ate it, don't get me wrong, I just have had WAY better at too many other places. It wasn't thick enough for my taste, spread out in a very shallow dish.

My sister had mentioned a place that her husband and her had eaten at several years before and mentioned the atmosphere was great along with the food being good as well.  Luckily she found it and it was called The Purple Cafe.  This restaurant has two stories that overlooks a huge wine tower that is the main focus of the restaurant.  The food and atmosphere were good and fun as well and it wasn't too long of a walk from our hotel.

The Pink Door- Unfortunately we didn't get a chance to stop at this place but we had heard about if from locals and was highly recommended.  There is no sign so it can be hard to find if your not aware of that.  Its located near Pike Market up one of the side streets and has a pink door, its two levels but the second level is actually below you so your looking into the place.  It has entertainment nightly along with good food.

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