Monday, June 30, 2014


My mom wanted to do a mother daughter trip so we all finally settled on Seattle.  We actually got quite lucky with the timing.  When it finally came down to the week of our vacation the entire time called for rain. No surprise for Seattle right, but we got very lucky. It rained the first day and the day we were leaving, the rest of the time was sunny, but it was still windy and cold.

It's funny how trips often revolve around shopping & food, at least I feel like most of my trips tend to revolve around these 2 things no matter where I go.  We did do a few sight seeing, like walking down Pike Market a few times (luckily we were only staying a few blocks away from this) & we went to the Observatory building instead of the Space Needle.  It was taller and seemed less touristy to me which I also like to avoid the touristy spots at times.

I did make sure to hit up a goodwill while there. I am going to be honest and say I was a little disappointment with the prices though. It was priced a lot higher then the ones I am use to going to.  I did find a few things that I couldn't pass up though. If you also didn't know, Seattle is Nordstroms headquarters. Our hotel was right around the corner from an amazing Nordstroms as well as a huge Nordstroms Rack.  I contemplated getting these shoes at Nordstroms Rack and still regret not getting them. I am loving stripes lately and these had 2 details of stripes as well as being purple. What was I thinking. hehe

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