Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Rose

I wasn't really going to blog about this, especially because I am so far behind on my posts, but I have been craving this place for almost a week now so I figured it was blog worthy. Now since I wasn't going to blog about it I didn't take any photos of myself at this time, but my lovely friend Rachael had a few photos taken. Check out her blog too!

Anyways The Rose establishment is a tea and sandwiches cafe. They have a large selection of all kinds of tea, a pretty good size menu of light food, and some treats to order as well. Since we couldn't decide what we wanted with all the good choices we decided to share a few things. We ended up ordering lychee peach tea, avocado toast, and the turkey sandwhich with bacon, avocado, tomato, herb buttermilk dressing, and greens along with a small side salad. We split everything and then Rachael got the last macaroon and a coconut dessert. What I've been craving though is the avocado toast. 

The avocado toast has olive oil, avocado, black pepper, and fleur de sel added roasted tomatoes spread on toast. It was perfection. The perfect amount of crisp with the bread--not too much where it's cutting your mouth biting into it and piled high amounts of avocado. I know next time I go I'm getting that and not sharing.  I also think their tea lattes sounded amazing as well. Now when can I head there next to stop my cravings!


  1. Oh,oh,oh....I thint it is a really beautiful place!!!! Kisses,

  2. Love you!!! Such a fun day! We must have more foodie and shopping dates!

  3. lychee peach tea sounds amazing :)

    Emmett - Hippie Lace

  4. That looks awesome... so yummy... I'll stop by your friends blog too... Greetings from