Sunday, April 6, 2014

Instagram shop

Have any of you heard of Instagram shops? Have you ever bought from one? I bought some adorable Lacoste headbands from a shop about 3 weeks ago and now I am hooked. I love to browse these shops and see what they are selling now. Some of the deals are amazing. I've found the only hard part is I find all these things I want to buy but they might not be my size. Well since I'm obsessed with thrifting and I also have an overflowing closet I decided to open a shop as well. Check me out if your interested @cureforshoppingaddiction . I love to shop so it's been fun for me to find awesome stuff for other people and sell it. It's my little cure for my shopping addiction. I'm shopping for others and getting them good deals. Here are a few items Im selling right now and a few I've sold too.

Here are some items I've sold already!

I'm interested to know people's opinion on these shops and if you have bought from any or would? Tell me your favorite shops if you have one as well.


  1. When you say "instagram shops" Do you mean those who are selling via Instagram? I love the idea. It's brilliant, really! I haven't bought anything but I totally would!

    1. Ya this is so new to me. People have an instagram acount and post photos of their items and how much they are selling them for. You should check it out. I just opened one a few weeks ago. I am addicted at looking at peoples shops now.