Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A Goal Accomplished- Cancun Mexico, Moon Palace

As I had written earlier about my goals for the year I mentioned traveling to a foreign country. I can now officially mark that off the list. It feels good to mark off one of my goals so early in the year. I have been to Mexico before but never to Cancun and I don't know if I can really count crossing the border and spending a day here and there as going to Mexico. (I went to college in Texas and would cross the border to go to dinner and bars).

My husband and I never officially took a honeymoon.  We had a destination wedding in Montana and ended up staying an extra week. I guess you could say that was our honeymoon but there is nothing romantic about being surrounding by both of our families.  Then once we got home we ended up buying a house 3 months after our wedding. As all homeowners know you become house broke very quick.  Now I love to travel and will travel to places without my husband if he really doesn't want to go (Honduras), but I thought I had to win him over with an amazing vacation so he would get the travel bug like I have.  I thought what better place then Cancun, Mexico. It is a touristy destination, I had never been before, we could do all inclusive which he would feel more comfortable about and I had never done that either, we could finally go on a belated honeymoon, and we could celebrate his 30th birthday while out there. Originally we had invited a lot of friends but no one would commit to the trip, hence why it turned into a belated honeymoon as well.  Plus I think it could count as a romantic valentines day present to each other since we left right after Valentines day.

Lets just say I think he might have caught the travel bug as well.  He had a hard time leaving Mexico and was already wanting to plan a trip before ours was officially over.  I am so excited for our adventures together in the future.  You will have to stay tuned to the blog to hear about our adventures in Cancun. (I can't wait to share..... and plan another trip, thats half the fun).

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