Friday, November 22, 2013

Suja cleanse

I am not a healthy eater, you could take it as far as calling me a junk food junkie. This was our first year in our home for Halloween and we didn't know how much candy to prepare for. Of course we bought too much, 2 huge costco size bags. Unfortunately we only had 12 trick or treaters this year and even though they each got a hand full we ended up with lots of left overs. I am one to not turn down a treat and my in laws gave me their left overs as well. I have been stuffing my face full of junk and have actually felt guilty about it. So what do I do, I decide to do my 1st cleanse ever. I have heard wonderful things about the suja cleanse so I figured for my first one ever this would be a perfect start. Now before anyway gets defensive that has done this cleanse before I want to admit that I'm not healthy when it comes to food choices so my opinion is coming from someone that is trying to make healthy choices but her taste buds are use to sweets.

All I heard about this cleanse was how good it tasted and how people weren't ever hungry with this cleanse. I will agree with one of the two points. I wasn't ever hungry in this cleanse. I craved food, especially while sitting at a lunch office meeting and smelling all the food, or watching my husband cook dinner for himself while I chugged down a juice with spinach. I was never hungry though. I on the other hand did not find these to be oh so good tasting.

I opened the first juice in the morning with high spirits and proud of my good choices for the day, took the first sip and instantly wanted something sweet to take this horrible taste out of my mouth. Glow is the first drink with apple as the main ingredient but the other ingredients overpower this drink. My first thought was I was eatting leaves. The collard greens, spinach, and celery were very overpowering. I discovered the best method for me was to just chug the drink and get it over with. Fuel was next and I was a little nervous about the carrot orange color but figured this drink had promise, carrot, orange, apple, pineapple, lemon, and turmeric were all the ingredients, those didn't sound horrible to me.  This one was so much better tasting to me and I started to get high hopes for the rest. When it still came down to it I had to chug this drink as well though. Next was Purify and I'm not going to lie the red color gave me high hopes. I'm like a child with candy; the bright colors of pink, red, and grape always taste better. Beets and celery just punched me in the face and I had to chug the drink yet again. Purify did taste better to me then glow, not as good as fuel, but I still wasn't jumping for joy. I still have high hopes for myself and head off to a lunch work meeting. Luckily I was full and had no food myself to tempt me because watching and smelling everyone's lunches would have normally made me cave. To be honest I felt satisfied at this point and proud to talk about my cleanse amongst my co-workers. My spirits were still high.

I get home a lot later then I had hoped. I should have brought a drink with me to work cuz now I'm staring at 2 drinks that are both green. First thought that come to mind, celery and spinach. Of course the 1st one I need to get down has both of those ingredients. Fiji is staring at me as a glare back at it. I was afraid of the kale, spinach, and collard greens but what got me was the ginger. It left the strongest after taste which I couldn't get rid of. Maybe this was a good thing I had to play catch up to disguise this after taste. The more I drank the more flavors I pulled out of the juice. Lemon ginger, spinach and celery filled my taste buds. You would think the ginger spice would leave a good taste in your mouth but it wasn't pleasant to me. I kept trying to think of gingerbread cookies. Oh yum cookies! I immediately open green supreme and start to drink up. Now the name has been scarring me all day. Green supreme doesn't sound like a good one. Is it just me, this drink has been the best one so far. Or am I just getting use to these odd foreign things going into my junkfood body. Apple, kale, and lemon are the only ingredients in the green supreme and I'm not going to lie, yes I could taste the kale but I was pleasantly surprised. I still chug this drink though.

After a few hours it's time for my dessert, my favorite time of dinner. I am really looking forward to vanilla cloud.  Water, coconut, honey, almonds, acerola cherry, cinnamon, vanilla bean, nutmeg, and camu camu. Most of things sound like heaven to me. I shake up the drink real good and taste a sip. Best one so far  but the texture is throwing me off a little. I'm still not loving these but I tell myself last one and it's not so bad. I still chug it. They all needed to be chugged in my eyes. But I'm also so proud of myself for not giving in and eating that roll that was screaming my name. I don't know if my husband helped me or made it harder. The hardest moment was starring at 2 green drinks while my husband cooks dinner. I thought I was going to cave, I begged for little bites of his meal. I even felt envious of our 2 cats as they got little scrapes and he wasn't willing to spare any my way. I am grateful for his stinginess now. I know he did it for me. He knew I'd be disappointed if I caved and didn't pull through. He was right. I am so glad I did this cleanse. I feel a lot better today. I honestly do, I am not craving the candy that still sits in a bowl in the front room. I am writing this with the temptation right there and this is the first time I realize I don't want to reach for a piece. I was so excited to wake up this morning and eat real food though. Yes I did the 1 day cleanse, I didn't stretch myself too much but for a junkfood junkie and a 1st time cleanser I thought that was the smart choice. Why set myself up for failure, start with something small that I know I can achieve. In 2 years I'll be doing the 5 day cleanse. Would I do this cleanse again? Yes I would. It was easy having the drinks already made for me and the fact that I was full the entire day.  Am I totally looking forward to the 3 day cleanse? Of course not, I would be lying if I said they tasted so good to me, but I now know what to expect and will just chug the drinks quicker next time.

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