Monday, October 1, 2012

Failed dinners

Well my attempt at cooking has failed me twice today. I don't know if I am having one of those moments or I am just a horrible cook. I think its the later. I have always felt more comfortable baking instead of cooking but tried telling myself if I was good at one then I should be able to pick up the other easily. I think not. I should have posted pictures of my disaster but I'm embarrassed to even say what foods I have overcooked, undercooked, and just plain bland.

Lets just say that I messed up one meal by totally burning the main ingredient before even cooking the rest of meal the burnt ingredients went inside so I decided I could save dinner by quickly cooking something easy before my husband got home. I got caught red handed in a smokey smelly kitchen.  He was so sweet about it as I attempted to quickly throw together something else that turned up undercooked and the other part bland. My husband was sweet enough to scarf down all the rice that was crunchy and tell me that it was very tasty as I about came to tears over 2 ruined meals in one night. Bless his heart. I have sworn off cooking for a while. Luckily my husband will be out of town for a while so I can really do that. I hate giving up so I know I will be back in the kitchen come the weekend once he's back home, but until then I can spoil myself with take out.

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